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Financial Aid

We want to partner with you to make Christian education a reality for your family.  Our staff and volunteers are eager to walk alongside of you every step of the way as you follow the path God has placed before you. It is our goal to be sure that the cost involved with a private, Christian education is explained with great detail so there won't be any "surprises" along the way.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, and we want your family to be comfortable, informed, and successful in the process.


Anyone can apply for financial assistance through FACTS Grant & Aid, our private, online application.  Applying for financial aid is a two part process.

Set up an appointment in the office to begin enrollment where you will be informed of the process to apply for financial aid through the FACTS Grant and Aid program.  This part of the process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and costs $35.  Be sure to have your tax records, social security numbers, and bank account information at your fingertips.  The amount awarded will be based on financial need and the availability of funds.  If you are a re enrolling family you can access this year's financial aid application by signing into your FACTs account.