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Check here for building and grounds related information, such as work request, reporting safety or maintenance issues, and work instructions or procedures:

Project Request and Approval Form
You must notify the Building and Grounds team of any new project requirements before starting work, or investing any resources or funds on the project.  This includes donated funds or materials, or volunteer labor.   Please download this form and email it to to submit your project requirements for approval before making ANY changes or improvements to the building or grounds at CCS.  If in doubt when to use this form...use this form!

Repair & Maintenance Notification
Please use this web based form to automatically notify the Building and Grounds team of any MAINTENANCE or REPAIR requirement.  This form is intended to communicate problems found at CCS. 

Boiler System Status
Use this link to access real-time data related to the boiler system, including room temperature information:

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Updated 12-23-2011   DLH