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Calhoun Christian Elementary School consists of Kindergarten through 4th grade classes.

Our strong academic program and small class sizes (less than 20 students) offer opportunities for differentiated instruction to accommodate student strengths and challenges.  We emphasize sensory integration through hands-on learning and whole body focus exercises.  Our students develop a heart of service through quarterly community service projects and missions.

Our goal is to build a strong Christian foundation by acknowledging Jesus Christ in all we do.  Students gain a sense of belonging through team building, all-school openings and events.  Students have opportunities to interact with all grade levels in extra-curriculars.  Elementary teachers offer open communication with parents and provide opportunities for parents to be involved and participate in their student's learning.

In all areas we strive to build life-long learners and strong followers of Christ.

Elementary Students Daily Schedule:

School begins at 7:45pm, doors open at 7:30

Lunch is from 10:50 - 11:20

Recess is from 11:20 - 11:58

Students have gym daily, art once a week, music twice a week, library once a week, computers once a week, Spanish once a week, and chapel once a week.

School ends at 2:50pm, doors close at 3:00

Extended Care for students in preschool through age 11:

Monday through Friday before school beginning at 7:00am

Monday through Friday after school from 2:50 - 6:00pm



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