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High School

High school is a time when important decisions about individual identity, core values, and future plans are being made.  It is a time when God can touch the heart and soul of a student through something said in class, in chapel, on the athletic court, or on a mission trip that will result in a lifelong connection to the heart of the Father.  At CCS we are committed to providing opportunities, classes, and resources that allow students to develop not only academically and physically, but also socially and spiritually, so that they can positively impact the world now and in the future.

The staff at CCS believes that each student is a treasure filled with wonderful gifts and talents.  The culture in each classroom promotes healthy relationships, a love of lifelong learning, and a Christian worldview.  Students are encouraged to identify, develop, and use their talents, presenting them as a gift to God as well as to their school family. 

At Calhoun Christian School we desire high school to be a wonderful experience that makes an eternal impact on the heart of every student.

High School Daily Schedule:

Doors Open at 7:30

Hourly Schedule (Bell Schedule)
  • First Hour: 7:45-8:33
  • Second Hour: 8:41-9:29
  • Third Hour: 9:33-10:23
  • HS Break (MWF) and Advising (TR): 10:25-10:35
  • Fourth Hour: 10:38-11:28
  • HS Lunch: 11:28-11:58
  • Cleaning Time: 11:58-12:13
  • Fifth Hour: 12:17-1:07
  • Sixth Hour: 1:11-2:01
  • Seventh Hour: 2:05-2:50

Doors close at 3:00




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