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Mission Trips

High School Students participate in a mission trip each year. 

Freshman serve at Miracle Camp by cleaning, doing yard work, and helping to maintain the camp grounds. They are also allowed opportunities for team building, Bible study, and challenged spiritually.

Sophomores minister in Chicago alongside a local neighborhood mission organization.

Juniors partner with a missions organization in Washington DC, ministering to homeless people.

Seniors travel to the Dominican Republic to assist with medical clinics and build a school in Santa Rosa, a sister school to CCS.  Students are brought outside of their comfort zone and challenged to serve in a culture very different from our own.  Each student is asked to write a journal throughout the trip.  Here are some excerpts from those journals:

"I learned how to serve and how to be served by the people."

"As sheep, we can't always see the opportunities ahead of us.  We can't see their outcomes.  We can't see other people's needs.  But what we can do is listen for God's tapping and follow him as our shepherd, and the opportunities will present themselves."



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