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Middle School

At Calhoun Christian Middle School, we PURPOSEFULLY BRIDGE THE GAP between elementary school and high school.  We recognize where middle school students have come from, embrace where they are now, and prepare them for where they will be going in the future. At each grade level, we minister to not only the academic abilities of our students, but also to their social/emotional awareness, their need for physical movement, and to the ever important growth in their spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We recognize the need for middle school students to have consistent academic support from a lead teacher while experiencing varied instructional expectations from multiple teachers.  We instruct students on how to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own academic achievement.  We also support their social and emotional changes with intentional instruction and Biblical guidance.  These are just a few examples of how, in all ways, we endeavor to provide meaningful middle school education.

Middle School Daily Schedule:

Doors Open at 7:30

Hourly Schedule (Bell Schedule)
  • First Hour: 7:45-8:33
  • Second Hour: 8:41-9:29
  • Third Hour: 9:33-10:23
  • Fourth Hour: 10:27-11:17
  • MS 7/8 Lunch: 11:18-11:38 (5/6 gym)
  • MS 5/6 Lunch: 11:38-11:58 (7/8 gym)
  • Cleaning Time: 11:58-12:13
  • Fifth Hour: 12:17-1:07
  • Sixth Hour: 1:11-2:01
  • Seventh Hour: 2:05-2:50

Doors close at 3:00



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