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Special Education

Calhoun Christian School recognizes that children are a gift from God and are unique individuals created in His image.  Therefore, all children are valuable to us.  Not all children learn the same and some children have special needs that make learning more difficult for them.  It is our aim to help these children overcome the obstacles that hinder their learning and to provide them with the tools necessary to be successful as a student at CCS.  All children have value in God's eyes and so we will take every opportunity to encourage them and help them to feel part of their classes.

While we recognize that we may not be able to accommodate all children with special needs, every effort will be made to provide an honest assessment of their learning needs and identify ways in which we can (or can learn to) help. For students performing above or below grade level an academic accommodation plan should be entered into between the teacher and the parents on behalf of the students.  Also, while we recognize that this individualized intervention plan is not an official IEP, we commit to providing this opportunity for any child who demonstrates a need.  As a board, administration, and staff, we will model a Christ-like attitude toward children with special needs which we believe will filter down to the parents and students in the school.

In addition, Calhoun Christian School works with the Calhoun Intermediate School District (CISD) to provide students with some special education services. Through the CISD we are able to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school social work, and teacher consultant services.  These services are only available through the IEP process and are written as a Service Plan for CCS students.

Calhoun Christian School is committed to meeting the academic needs of our students.