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Athletic Forms

Athletic Code of Conduct PRINTABLE FORM

As a student of Calhoun Christian School who has been given the privilege of participating in extracurricular athletics, I understand that with this privilege come the following responsibilities. I will do my best to fulfill these responsibilities and to accept the consequences if I do not.

  1. As an athlete, I am a leader. I will use this leadership role to honor God and to represent my school in an exemplary manner.
  2. I will follow the athletic dress code on game days as outlined above and as prescribed by my coach.
  3. In all aspects of athletics I will seek to put others first.
  4. I will use the gifts that God has given me to the fullest, whether I am in practice or in a game.
  5. In my actions, speech, and dress, I will seek to build up those on my team and those against whom I compete.
  6. I will show respect to all players, coaches, referees, and fans with whom I come in contact. This includes any communication, both written and spoken, in person or typed on any website or device.
  7. I will do my best to attend every practice as well as every game and will inform the coach ahead of time if something arises that makes this not possible.
  8. I realize that my curricular efforts come before those that are extracurricular and accept the academic policy as outlined in the CCS Student Handbook.

Parent/Coach Conflict Resolution

In order to ensure that a Christian attitude is maintained during conflict resolution, and that sporting concerns are addressed in a timely manner, all parents/guardians of students playing sports with CCS must agree to the following:

  1. All conversations will be handled in a manner that glorifies Christ and with a Christian attitude.
  2. The CCS Student Policy Handbook applies first and foremost.
  3. Athletic Code of Conduct guidelines will be maintained at all times. No discussions will take place regarding the Athletic Code of Conduct contract signed by student and parent.
  4. Any issues or concerns about CCS team sports or players will be addressed with the head coach first.
  5. No issues or concerns will be brought to the coach immediately prior to or following a sporting event unless it is medically necessary.
  6. Within 5 business days of the request to meet, a meeting date between parent/guardian and coach will be agreed upon.
  7. The head coach, along with one assistant coach if warranted, will attend the meeting. If necessary, a third party may be invited as a facilitator.
  8. If concern is not resolved upon meeting with the head coach, parent/guardian will meet with the Athletic Director. That meeting date shall be agreed upon within 5 business days of request to meet. The Athletic Director will not discuss concern until it has been verified that the parent/guardian met with the head coach first.

Athletic Commitment

As a participant, or a parent of a participant, in the CCS Athletic Program, I have read all the information found in the Student Athletic Handbook. I understand the information and commit myself to abiding by the guidelines set forth. I also commit myself to accepting the consequences in the unfortunate situation that I, or my child, is found in violation of the Athletic Code of Conduct.

Student Signature                                                                                                                                          Date
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                                            Date
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                                            Date


Sports Liability Waiver/Permission Slip PRINTABLE FORM 

My child has permission to participate in the Calhoun Christian School (“CCS”) Extra-Curricular Sports Programs, including but not limited to basketball, volleyball, soccer, and after-school weight lifting programs. I understand that CCS does not carry medical insurance for the participants in its Extra-Curricular Sports Programs. I understand that participation in the CCS Extra-Curricular Sports Programs is voluntary.

I understand that participation in CCS Extra-Curricular Sports Programs carries risks inherent both to the activity and to the location of the activity. I understand that participation involves risks and dangers including but not limited to those of bodily injury, partial and/or total disability, paralysis and death. These risks and dangers may be caused by the negligence of the participant or the negligence of others. There may be other risks not known to us or that are not reasonably foreseeable at this time.

I expressly accept and assume such risks and responsibility for any and all losses and/or damages following such injury, disability, paralysis or death, however caused or alleged to be caused, whether in whole or in part by the negligence of CCS, event hosts, other participants, coaches, instructors, volunteers or officials. I agree that this Waiver/Permission Slip covers each and every CCS athletic event in which my child participates. In addition, I affirm that my child has no known medical or mental health conditions that might compromise his/her safe involvement in such activities.

I will not assert a negligence claim or file a negligence suit for any injuries or damages that I or my child may later have as a result of participation in CCS Extra-Curricular Sports Program events and any other connected activities in which my child may voluntarily participate, against CCS, its officers, officials, directors, administrators, employees, contractors, agents, coaches, servants or volunteers. I understand and expressly waive such rights on behalf of myself, my child, my heirs, and assigns.

I agree to hold harmless and indemnify CCS, its officers, officials, directors, administrators, employees, contractors, agents, coaches, servants and volunteers for all claims, including actual attorney fees and costs, that may be brought against any of them by anyone for damages or injury to me or my child or mine or my child’s property that may occur as a result of my child’s participation in the event.

By my signature below, I affirm that I have read and fully understand the terms of this permission and waiver, that I am voluntarily signing this permission and waiver, that my child has permission to participate in the CCS Extra-Curricular Sports Programs, and that I, as a parent or guardian, will cover all expenses of any accident or injury my student might incur as a result of his/her voluntary participation in the CCS Extra-Curricular Sports Programs.

Student Name                                                                                                                                            Date
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                                        Date


By my name and signature below, I acknowledge in accordance with Public Acts 342 and 343 of 2012 that I have received and reviewed the Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents and/or the Concussion Fact Sheet for Students provided by Calhoun Christian School Cougar Sports.

_______________________________________ ______________________________________
Participant Name Printed                                         Parent or Guardian Name Printed
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Participant Name Signature                                     Parent or Guardian Signature
_______________________________________ ______________________________________
Date                                                                          Date


Return this signed form to the CCS Athletic Director that must keep on file for the duration of participation or age 18. Participants and parents please review and keep the educational materials available for future reference.

MHSAA Sports Physical Form