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How the Program Works

The CCS SCRIP Program is fundraising without selling anything.  CCS is able to purchase the gift cards and certificates in bulk and at a discount.  The gift cards are sold at face value and are spent by consumers like cash.  CCS splits the discount with you, the gift card purchaser -- 50% to CCS and 50% to the purchaser.  The amount accrued by each SCRIP participant is paid by CCS twice each year.

The more you use SCRIP for everyday items, the more you donate to the school and the more money you return to your pocket.  SCRIP can be used for groceries, gasoline, food, entertainment, home improvement, clothing -- almost everything you currently buy.

How to Purchase SCRIP with CCS?

  • Cash and Carry:  Not certain what you need?  You may "shop" and purchase SCRIP cards from the cards that we have on hand on a first-come-first-served basis in the Parent Room before and after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Online Order: Purchase SCRIP from the convenience of your home.  You can create a family account at using our personalized CCS enrollment code which you can get by contacting the school office at 269-965-5560.  In order to use this feature your order must be paid for at the time of submittal using Presto Pay.  Purchasing online will also allow you to utilize the Re-load or Scrip Now feature.  Online orders must be placed by 9:00am on Friday morning and will be ready for pick-up the following Wednesday morning before school in the Parent Room.
  • Email your order: Know what you want, but not at school during the cash and carry window? You may email your SCRIP order to  Orders must be received by 9:00am on Friday morning and will be ready for pick-up the following Wednesday morning before school in the Parent Room.
  • Standing Order: If you find that you purchase the same amount of SCRIP from the same retailers on a regular basis, then a standing order will suit you well.  A standing order can be placed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Your order is processed and ready for pick-up on the following Wednesday in the Parent Room.  Please contact the SCRIP Coordinator to set up a standing order.
  • Paying for your SCRIP Cards: SCRIP gifts cards must be paid for when you receive them.  You may pay by cash, check written out to CCS SCRIP, or online with Presto Pay.  Presto Pay is an automated clearing house (ACH) service used for online scrip purchases at Shop with Scrip.  A small $0.15 convenience fee is added to your total ACH debit.

If you have any other questions please contact Candi Seifer at or 269-965-5560